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Gang leader kidnaps father of prosecutor who put him behind bars

By Mason White 1:14 PM November 17, 2016
Kelvin Melton 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A gang leader will never come out of prison after he wanted revenge of the female prosecutor who put him behind bars.

However, his people kidnapped the prosecutor’s father of North Carolina, instead of her.

51-year-old Kelvin Melton was sentenced to life in prison plus seven years in the federal super-maximum penitentiary in Colorado, by U.S. District Judge James Dever.

Melton was found guilty of being the mastermind behind the abduction of Frank Janssen, who is the father of Wake County assistant district attorney Colleen Janssen.

During the two-week trial, Frank Janssen stated that he still suffers from emotional and physical injuries sustained during the abduction.

Evidence showed that while in prison, Melton directed members of the United Bloods Nation gang to kidnap the prosecutor who put him there.

However, the criminals botched it and kidnapped her father.

Melton, who has a long criminal history, used a cellphone that was smuggled into prison to direct how to kill the victim, dispose of his body and clear the crime scene.

FBI agents monitored Melton’s cellphone and tracked Frank to an apartment five days after he was taken out of his home.

The FBI hostage rescue team stormed the apartment and found Frank tied up and locked in a closet.

When Melton testified in his defense, he denied having played a role in what he called a “stupid” plan.

The jury found Melton guilty of kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, attempted kidnapping and a firearms charge.