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Woman who found mouse sewn into her dress files lawsuit against Zara

By Mason White 6:59 PM November 17, 2016
Cailey Fiesel and mouse in Zara dress 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A young woman filed a lawsuit against a clothing retailer after finding a mouse sewn into her dress, according to court documents in New York.

24-year-old Cailey Fiesel of Manhattan, said that she developed a rash after wearing a new dress that she bought at a Zara store in Greenwich, Connecticut.

She also noticed a foul odor whenever she was wearing the dress. One day, while Fiesel was at work, she felt something scratching her leg.

When she inspected the hem of her dress, Fiesel noticed a rotten mouse, which has been sewn into her article of clothing.

She panicked and quickly took off her dress. Luckily, she had some other article of clothing to wear. Fiesel then went to a doctor, and she was told that the rash came from a bacteria commonly found in mice.

Fiesel is suing for emotional distress.

Fiesel’s attorney Adam Deutsch, claims that he tried to settle the matter with Zara before going to court, but the company refused to compensate the woman for her ordeal.