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Divorce hotel helps couples divorce peacefully over one weekend

By Mason White 1:43 PM November 20, 2016
Divorce (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A company came up with a unique concept that is helping couples divorce peacefully and with beautiful surroundings over one weekend.

While many divorces are a long drawn process in a courtroom, DivorceHotel is focusing on changing that by allowing the couple to check in married and check out divorced in a short time.

The hotel has an experienced mediator and lawyer on staff, who will work with the couple to divide their assets and finalize their divorce in just two days.

“The whole idea is to get away from outside influences,” Michele Martin, mediator at DivorceHotel, said.

DivorceHotel is committed to helping people make the divorce a good experience so both can have a “positive new start.”

The DivorceHotel was created by a company in the Netherlands, and has since expanded to the United States. They already have one hotel in New York, with another one coming on Los Angeles, California.

“All procedures take place on neutral territory in a more relaxed environment, and with all kinds of comforts and facilities at your disposal.

“We will never treat you as a client, but as one of our most esteemed guests. You are welcome, let us serve you and support you in settling your divorce in as a positive way as possible,” the company wrote on its website.