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Son beats up his parents outside real estate office for buying him an apartment that was ‘too small’

By Mason White 11:20 AM November 20, 2016
The suspect hitting his parents 

By: Mahesh Sarin
An ungrateful son was arrested after he was seen beating his parents in public.

The parents went to the real estate sales office to purchase a home for their son.

However, the son was unhappy with the home he was given as he claimed that the home was “too small.”

As the son and his parents left the real estate sales office in Harbin, the angry son repeatedly hit his mother.

When his father tried to protect his wife, the son began beating him too.

Passersby got involved and stopped the man from assaulting the couple, and they wanted to know what caused the altercation between the couple and the man.

Witnesses said they were horrified to learn that the man was attacking his own parents and for such an outrages reason.

As a group of men surrounded the ungrateful son, police arrived and took him into custody before they were able to hand down street justice.

People recorded the man beating the parents and uploaded the video to the Internet, where the son was widely criticized for his actions.