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Plane makes emergency landing after passengers clogged all the toilets

By Mason White 4:20 PM November 21, 2016
Toilet on plane (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A plane was forced to make an emergency landing after passengers clogged all the toilets and the condition became unbearable.

A spokesperson for Pakistan International Airlines, said that flight number PK-798 was forced to land in Manchester, England, after all the bathrooms were out of order.

The plane left from Toronto, Canada, and was heading to Lahore, Pakistan, on Saturday.

According to the investigation, during the flight, a passenger flushed an item down one of the toilets, causing the pipes to get clogged.

All nine toilets on board the Boeing 777 eventually overflowed.

The pilot then decided to divert the plane to Manchester Airport, for the convenience of passengers. It took five hours to unclog the pipes.

When the toilets were back in order, the plane took off and headed toward its destination.

“PIA’s Toronto-Lahore flight PK-798 has been diverted to Manchester as its toilets got choked, due to something solid thrown in by passengers.