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Man finds venomous snake in his shoe while greeting his girlfriend at the door of his home

By Mason White 3:52 AM November 22, 2016
The venomous snake 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man in Australia, was surprised to find a snake curled up in his shoe while he went to greet his girlfriend at the door of his home.

Ivan Mcnamara of Oldbury, said that the incident unfolded while he was playing a game on his PlayStation on Tuesday evening.

Mcnamara noticed his cat staring at his shoe near the door, but he was too busy with his game to check whether anything was wrong.

Eventually, Mcnamara heard his girlfriend pulling the car into the driveway, and he decided to greet her at the door.

Mcnamara noticed that the cat was still fixated on his shoe.

So he bent down to see what his cat was seeing and noticed the venomous snake curled up inside his shoe with its head in the striking position.

The snake was ready to attack after being teased by the cat for quite some time.

Mcnamara held down the snake with his other shoe, and when his girlfriend came through the door, the two captured the snake.

They then released the snake into the wild.