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Mother sues her 17-year-old son for changing himself to a girl without her permission

By Mason White 4:18 PM November 21, 2016
Anmarie Calgaro 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A mother is filed a lawsuit against her teenage son, seeking a court order that will prohibit him from completing a sex change from a boy to a girl, according to court documents in Minnesota.

Anmarie Calgaro is also suing St. Louis County, two health-care providers and the St. Louis County School District, after they initiated the sex change procedure without her consent.

Calgaro told the court that officials at the school worked with her 17-year-old son to complete the sex change without her permission or a court order.

A state law allows teens to seek medical procedures or treatment without parental permission. Calgaro claims that the state law violates her constitutional rights as a parent.

Calgaro said that officials at Park Nicollet Health Services and Fairview Health Services, are not allowing her to review her son’s medical records.

The State Medical Assistance funds are helping the teen live in an apartment independently and pay for medications, including powerful narcotics and hormonal medications to help with the sex change.

Calgaro is not opposed to the sex change, but she wants her son to take things slowly and be sure about his path in life before doing anything drastic.