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Newlyweds are devastated after pregnancy ultrasound revealed wife is not pregnant but has cancer

By Mason White 3:09 AM November 22, 2016
Michael and Stephanie Theobald at their wedding 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A newlywed couple of the United Kingdom, was left devastated after an ultrasound revealed that the wife’s baby did not grow and she had cancer instead.

35-year-old Stephanie Theobald from Manchester, was overjoyed when she became pregnant soon after marrying her husband Michael, 38.

The two who have been together for five years, were ready to settle down and start a family.

Stephanie said that she is one of six children and the only girl. All of her siblings already have children so her mother was very happy with the news that she was expecting her first child.

However, the couple was left heartbroken after the wife’s 12-week scan when the nurse revealed that she couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat.

The newlywed couple soon learned that the wife had a molar pregnancy, which means that abnormal cells were growing in her body instead of a baby.

Stephanie underwent surgery and chemotherapy. The couple was served another blow when doctors informed them that
Stephanie might never be able to have a healthy pregnancy.