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6 children die and many more are injured after driver caused bus to flip over by speeding

By Mason White 6:34 PM November 22, 2016
Johnthony Walker and the overturned bus 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A bus driver was arrested after causing the death of six children.

Officials in Chattanooga, Tennessee, said that the school bus was carrying 35 students from the Woodmore Elementary School when it hit a tree at around 3:30 p.m.

The bus flipped over and went into a tree, causing it to split apart.

Chattanooga police chief Fred Fletcher described the incident as “an absolute nightmare for this community.”

Six children were killed and 20 others were taken to hospitals with injuries. Parents rushed to the scene and waited for firefighters to free their children.

Those children who were unhurt, were taken home by their parents.

One boy, who was on the bus, said that the bus driver was not paying attention and he was speeding before he hit a garbage bag, a mailbox and then the tree.

The bus driver, 24-year-old Johnthony Walker, has cooperated with police before he was arrested and charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving.