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Man steals wallet from company president during job interview

By Mason White 6:19 PM November 22, 2016

By: Wayne Morin
A man in Japan, was arrested for stealing a wallet from a company president during a job interview.

Shogo Takeda, 24, of Yokohama, was arrested after he allegedly admitted to stealing the wallet during the job interview.

Takeda was charged with stealing the wallet containing 50,000 yen (about $72,000) in cash.

Takeda applied for a job at an elevator maintenance company in Seya. During the interview, the company president briefly left the room, and he left his wallet in a bag.

Takeda allegedly told police that he could not resist the temptation since he does not have a job and he needed the money.

After the interview, the president noticed that the wallet had disappeared and reported the incident to the police.

Police did not have a hard time tracking Takeda down as he had included his contact details, including his address and phone number, when he submitted his resume.

Takeda did not contact the company to inquire about the job opening after he stole the cash.