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Woman undergoing root canal chokes in dental chair after dentist dropped spike into her throat

By Mason White 3:44 AM November 23, 2016
Dentist chair (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman in the United Kingdom, suffered severe injuries during a root canal procedure after a dentist accidentally dropped a spike into her throat.

29-year-old Vanessa Snary of Bristol, said that she suffered severe injuries to her stomach and voice box, and she was unable to speak for a week.

The dentist tool pierced her in the inside and became lodged in her stomach, X-rays revealed. The spike was eventually removed from her stomach through surgery at the Southmead Hospital.

Snary revealed that as a result of the incident, she lost her job as her boss did not like that she took so many days off for sick leave.

Snary complained that after the spike fell into her throat, Dr. Ester Torrejimeno of Smile Pad’s Oldbury Court Dental Centre, did not call an ambulance and insisted on taking her to the hospital with a private vehicle.

After she recovered, Torrejimeno sent Snary a card and flowers.

Torrejimeno apologized for the unfortunate incident and regrets that the root canal did not go as expected.

Snary will continue with her root canal at a different dentist.