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Father pretends to be teenage girl while grooming his own son on Facebook and receives nude photos of the boy

By Mason White 1:37 PM November 24, 2016
Computer (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A mother of the United Kingdom, is speaking out to warn other parents about the dangers of the Internet.

Jeanette Morrison said that she received a call from her son’s school after he was accused of using bad language towards a girl.

Morrison said that this was out of character for her 13-year-old son Barry. That is when she went through his Facebook messages and found that he was being groomed by a pretty 19-year-old woman.

The teenager convinced Barry to send her nude photos of himself and he did. Morrison realized that the boy’s father was the one who set Barry up with the 19-year-old woman.

After reading the messages between the two, she determined that the “woman” is actually the boy’s father.

Morrison called police and they sized Barry’s computer. The Father who was identified as Ian, was arrested.

Ian pleaded guilty to inciting a family member to commit a sexual act as well as other sexual offenses.

He was given a lengthy jail sentence and he is banned from having contact with children under 16 years old after his release.

Morrison told the Crown Court that she and the Ian spilt when the boy was a baby. At first, he was in the child’s life, but when the boy was 5 years old, his father disappeared.

Morrison has since remarried to a man who loves Barry and acts as his role model.

One day, Barry asked his mother to locate his biological father. Morrison tracked him down and allowed her son to have a relationship with Ian.

When he turned 13, Ian bought his son an expensive computer. The boy used that computer to stay in touch with his father and with the “19-year-old woman.”

Morrison said that her son was humiliated after learning the truth and he now has issues with trusting people.

“I never felt so angry in my life. His dad stole his innocence. How could my son ever trust anybody again?” Morrison said.