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Repo man pays off debt of elderly couple’s car after repossessing it for non payment

By Mason White 1:41 PM November 24, 2016
Jim Ford, Pat and Stanford Kippings 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) People who are in the repo business, have to be tough in order to do their job.

Repo man Jim Ford of Red Bud, Illinois, admitted that it is not an easy job.

Ford said that he had been shot and run over by people who were angry when he took their cars for failing to make the payments on them.

One day, Ford was instructed by a bank to repossess the car of an elderly couple.

Stanford Kippings, 82, and his wife Pat, 69, were three months behind on their payment. Ford took their 1998 Buick Century and drove off.

The couple who suffers from health problems like Alzheimer’s and diabetes, were unable to make their car payment because they use their money for medications.

Ford felt terrible about leaving the struggling couple without a vehicle. Ford called the bank and made one month’s payment. The car was then returned to the couple.

Ford then set up a GoFundMe account to raise $2,200 to pay off the elderly couple’s car. The account raised $3,300 and the couple had $1,000 left over for other bills.

Stanford said that getting back his paid off car was like winning the lottery.