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Police save naked man from freezing to death after he was thrown out of home during fight over sex

By Mason White 4:07 PM November 28, 2016
Naked man kicked out on freezing street 

By: Chan Yuan
A man of Russia, is lucky to be alive after police arrived outside his home at just the right moment.

Irkutsk police took video of the naked man standing on the street in the midst of freezing temperatures, and begging them for help.

After police allowed the naked man into their warm vehicle, he revealed why he was on the street naked.

The man told police that he and his girlfriend began to fight while having sex. At some point, the girlfriend kicked him out of the house before he had a chance to get dressed.

The temperatures were below freezing and the ground was covered in ice. After a few minutes, the man’s toes became frozen.

At that moment, the police car pulled up and offered help.
The officers recorded the strange encounter, and the video was uploaded to the Internet.