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Judge wipes off smile of woman’s face by setting huge bail for drug charge

By Mason White 2:07 PM November 29, 2016
Judge wiped off smile of Kaley Ann Kunkemoeller 

By: Feng Qian
A woman was arrested on a charge of possession of drugs after allegedly selling illegal drugs in close proximity of a school, according to police in Florida.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested 24-year-old Kaley Ann Kunkemoeller of Stuart, after being accused of selling oxymorphone.

The woman was all smiles after being taken into custody on multiple drug charges. A judge wiped the smile of her face by setting her bond at $265,000.

Kunkemoeller was wanted on warrants stemming from Operation #Relentless Pursuit, a long term investigation targeting those selling and distributing dangerous and addictive drugs in Martin County.

Kunkemoeller went into hiding in hopes of avoiding capture.

Detectives were able to track Kunkemoeller to Boynton Beach.

Yesterday, Martin County Sheriff’s Warrants Detectives working in the capacity of the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force, headed south to locate her.

They were successful. As detectives approached, Kunkemoeller fled on foot, but was captured a very short time later.

She was brought back to the Martin County Jail on charges of Sale/Delivery of Oxymorphone within 1000-feet of a park or school, and Possession of Oxymorphone.

Kaley Ann Kunkemoeller remains in jail.