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Lawyer who represented Casey Anthony caught trying to smuggle drugs into the United States

By Mason White 8:39 AM November 30, 2016
Todd Macaluso with Casey Anthony 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A well-known attorney is now on the wrong side of the law for trying to smuggle drugs into the United States.

Todd Macaluso, 54, was part of a team of lawyers who helped Casey Anthony walk free after she was accused of killing her daughter.

Now, he was arrested after investigators said that he hatched a plan to smuggle drugs from Central America into the United States.

New York Police Detective Alexander Sosa of the DEA task force, said that Macaluso, who is a licensed pilot, planned to fly from Haiti to Ecuador, where he was to pick up nearly two tons of cocaine.

From Ecuador, he wanted to fly to Honduras, and later to the United States.

Federal authorities monitored Macaluso, as part of an investigation of drug traffickers who were looking to use planes registered in the United States, to transport drugs.

Macaluso’s co-defendants Carlos Almonte Vasquez and Humberto Osuna Contreras, told police many details about their drug smuggling plans after they were all arrested.

Macaluso is being held at a federal prison the Brooklyn, New York, without bail.