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Grandson of Fiat billionaire fakes kidnapping to extort money from his family to pay for transgender escort and drugs

By Mason White 8:46 AM November 30, 2016
Lapo Elkann 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A rich businessman from Italy, faked his own kidnapping in New York, to extort money from his family.

39-year-old Lapo Elkann is a fashion designer and owner of Garage Italia Customs, which customizes luxury cars and private planes for high-end customers.

He is the grandson of billionaire Giovanni Agnelli, who ran the auto company Fiat.

Elkann was invited to the home of 29-year-old transgender escort Curtis McKinstry, who lives in a New York City housing project.

Police said that he snorted cocaine, smoked marijuana and drank alcohol with the escort for two days.

On Saturday, when he ran out of money for drugs and the escort, Elkann called his family rep and claimed that is being held against his will in an apartment in Manhattan, and needed $10,000 to be released.

The family rep then called police, who tracked down Elkann, who then filed a police report. Based on his claims, officers arrested McKinstry on charges of extortion.

However, during their investigation, detectives determined that Elkann faked the kidnapping to extort money from his rich family.

As a result, McKinstry was released from police custody and Elkann was arrested on charges of filing a false police report.