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Married mother of two children has to register as sex offender for having sex with 15-year-old student on airplane

By Mason White 8:51 AM November 30, 2016
Jill Meldrum-Jones 

By: Wayne Morin
A married mother of two children in the United Kingdom, was jailed for having an ongoing sexual relationship with her student.

Jill Meldrum-Jones, 37, of Warwickshire, committed several offenses against the boy, some of which took place during a flight and on a school trip.

The offenses came to light after rumors of the illicit relationship began circulating in the school, the Coventry Crown Court heard.

Prosecutors said that Meldrum-Jones sent “highly sexualized” messages to the 15-year-old boy. She performed a sex act on the boy and “encouraged him” to perform sex acts on her.

Meldrum-Jones pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual activity with a child and inciting sexual activity.

Judge Philip Gregory sentenced Meldrum-Jones to two years and eight months in prison. She must also register as a sex offender.