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Domino’s Pizza ordered to pay $1,200 to customer who waited 18 months for his order

By Mason White 4:29 AM November 1, 2016
Pizza pie (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A man who waited extremely long for his pizza order to arrive has decided to sue Domino’s Pizza for compensation, according to court documents in Australia.

Now, 30-year-old Tim Driscoll of New South Wales, will receive $1,203 from Domino’s after the pizza shop chain was found guilty of breach of contract.

According to Driscoll, he ordered three pizza pies and soda one afternoon for himself and his friends, but the food failed to arrive at his home.

After waiting for more than an hour, Driscoll called the restaurant to check on his order. The manager apologized, saying that the store became overwhelmed with orders and offered a refund.

After Domino’s failed to issue a refund, Driscoll sued the pizza chain for breach of contract. Domino’s vowed to appeal the verdict.