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Doctor kills 41-year-old alcoholic with lethal injection because he could not be cured

By Mason White 4:14 PM December 1, 2016
Alcoholic drinks (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A father of two children in the Netherlands, was killed by his doctor through a lethal injection after he could not bear the pain of being an alcoholic.

41-year-old Mark Langedijk begged Dr. Marijke, a general practitioner, to end his life as there was no chance left for recovery.

On the day of his assisted suicide, Langedijk told jokes, drank beer and ate ham sandwiches with his family.

His brother, Marcel Langedijk, held his hand as the doctor injected the lethal dose of medication that stopped Mark’s heart.

Marcel revealed that his brother had a happy childhood, but he became addicted to alcohol 8 years ago.

Mark had been in and out of rehab 21 times to try to deal with his battle with alcohol, which ended his marriage and forced him to live with his parents.

One day, Mark told his parents that he wanted to die because “enough is enough.” His assisted suicide application was reviewed and approved by a medical board.

At first, Mark’s parents refused to give up and they did everything possible to help their son, but in the end, they were with him as the doctor placed the needle into his arm.

Several lawmakers criticized Mark’s decision, saying that alcoholics could be helped and there was no need for suicide.