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Tree cutter dies when chainsaw hit back and cut his throat

By Mason White 9:15 AM December 1, 2016
Alexander Kirkley 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man of the United Kingdom, died after cutting his throat while chopping off a tall tree.

The tree cutter died when his chainsaw hit back and cut his throat while he was working at a client’s home.

32-year-old Alexander Kirkley died of blood loss at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, two hours after the machinery cut through his jugular vein at the top of a tree.

Kirkley stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest by the time he was lowered to the ground.

Kirkley had spent the past three years working as an arborist in New Zealand, where he tried to establish a self-sufficient eco-village.

He recently came back to the United kingdom, to visit family and friends. During his visit, Kirkley took on some tree cutting jobs. Sadly, he died during one of those jobs.

A toxicology report carried out by Dr. Reza Morovat, showed no traces of alcohol or drugs in Kirkley’s body.

His father, Paul Kirkley, said that “in his 32 years, Alexander got more from life and gave more back than most can hope to achieve in twice that time.”