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Man runs over his own brother while trying to hurt another man during a street fight

By Mason White 11:44 AM December 2, 2016
Elmer Jacinto Gonzalez 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was hospitalized in serious condition after his own brother ran him over with a car during a street fight.

Witnesses recorded the video of the violent and shocking fight in Palm Beach, Florida.

The graphic video, which was uploaded to the Internet, shows 42-year-old Rudy Gonzalez fighting with another man.

Police said that the Rudy and his brother were driving through the parking lot when David Troche backed his car out from a parking space.

The brothers accused Troche of cutting them off and words were exchanged. They all got out of their cars. Rudy and Troche got into a physical altercation.

While Rudy and Troche were beating each other, 44-year-old Elmer Jacinto Gonzalez got into the car and began speeding backward in an attempt to run over the other driver.

However, he accidentally ran over his brother. The impact sent Rudy flying into a parked car.

Elmer did not give up or attend to his injured brother. Instead, he turned his focus on Troche’s black Dodge Charger and smashed into it a few times.

Elmer was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Rudy, whose leg was reportedly severed during the incident, is in serious condition at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Troche and his son who was with his father, were not injured.