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Woman pulls down her underpants and orders police to take photo of her backside after being slapped by nude bar bouncer

By Mason White 12:37 PM December 2, 2016
Woman shows off her backside (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Police officers were surprised by a young woman’s request after being called to the scene of an assault at nude bar, according to police in Florida.

Key West police said that the incident unfolded on Sunday, at the Bull and Whistle bar, which is located at 224 Duval Street.

The bar allows customers to be totally nude. 20-year-old Meieli Sawyer and her companion, 45-year-old Hayden Bean, visited the bar and were nude.

Sawyer called police and asked officers to photograph her backside because she was slapped by the bouncer of the bar.

She wanted to press charges against the bouncer, Leroy Stanley, because he slapped her backside. Stanley denied the allegations, saying that he only slapped the hand of Bean because he touched Sawyer’s backside.

Although the bar is clothing optional, no touching is tolerated.

When Bean was told to stop touching his girlfriend, he ignored the request and continued. That is when the bouncer slapped his hand.

No charges were filed.