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Mother undergoes surgery to cut holes in her cheeks because she was jealous of her 11-year-old son’s dimples

By Mason White 11:43 AM December 4, 2016
AJ Weir with her son Morgan 

By: Feng Qian
A mother is proudly displaying dimples on her cheeks after undergoing surgery to be like her son.

The mother of the United Kingdom, spent over $1,600 to have the procedure done despite being discouraged by her husband Jacob, 36, and other family members.

44-year-old Beauty blogger AJ Weir of Lincolnshire, said that she loves dimples. Since her 11-year-old son Morgan was born with dimples, she became obsessed with them.

Weir said that when she spots people with dimples, she touches their faces. “If I see somebody with dimples, I will try to stick my finger in the face. It’s really weird, but I just love them,” she explained.

After extensive research, AJ decided to undergo the 90 minute procedure at a Harley Street surgery.

She was placed under local anaesthetic before surgeons cut out pieces from the inside of her mouth and placed stitches to close the gaps.

After a few weeks of healing, Weir was able to show off her dimples, which she loves.

Weir admits that her husband and son think she is absolutely crazy for undergoing the procedure.

“I can agree that it was unnecessary, it’s not going to make me more successful, but it was just something that I wanted. My dimples look really natural. You wouldn’t think that I had surgery,” she added.