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Teenager is shot twice and run over by car for helping woman who was shot and thrown out from car

By Mason White 12:00 PM December 4, 2016
Terrell Walker 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A teenager is being hailed as a hero for coming to the aid of a woman who was shot and thrown out of a car.

17-year-old Daniel Wesley of Louisiana, said that he saw the woman, who was identified as 30-year-old April Peck, being tossed out of a car in Baton Rouge.

Wesley ran to assist the woman, who was shot. However, as soon as Wesley began helping the dying woman, her male friend came out of the car and warned him that if he helped the woman he was also going to die.

The man then shot Wesley in the arm and his backside. As he was lying on the ground, the shooter ran over Wesley’s leg and drove off.

Police chased the suspect, 48-year-old Terrell Walker, who is the father of Peck’s two young sons. He was shot dead during a standoff with police.

Wesley will spend a few weeks in the hospital as he learns to walk again. He said that his only regret is that he was not able to save Peck, as she was pronounced dead at a hospital.