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17-year-old migrant from Afghanistan rapes and drowns teenage daughter of EU official in Germany

By Mason White 5:38 PM December 6, 2016
Maria Ladenburger 

By: Chan Yuan
People in Germany, are angry after learning that a teenage refugee abducted a woman and raped her.

Freiburg police said that they have arrested the boy of Afghanistan, after raping and drowning the 19-year-old daughter of an EU official.

The victim was identified as Maria Ladenburger. She was the daughter of Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, an attorney with the legal director of the European Commission in Germany.

According to the criminal complaint, Maria was on her way back home from a party when she was attacked on the edge of a bike trail behind the Schwarzwald train station.

Her body was found in the River Dreisam. An autopsy showed that she was raped and drowned. Police found Maria’s black scarf and bike near the murder scene.

A strand of Maria’s blond hair was found on the suspect.

During questioning, the suspect confessed to the murder.

Maria volunteered at a refugee center.