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Convicted sex offenders forced to package sex toys for companies as part of prison work program

By Mason White 5:40 PM December 6, 2016
Prison (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
Activists who represent people in prison, voiced their concern after learning that convicted sex offenders were forced to package sex toys for private companies in France.

Prisoners in Grasse, reported that as part of their prison work program they were given sex toys and placed them in packages for a company called Easy Love.

Some activists believe that it is disgraceful for sexual assault victims that sex offenders package sex toys for companies. At least five prisoners who were convicted of sex crimes, packaged the sex toys.

Prisoners are often forced to package items for companies as part of their rehabilitation.

Generally, all sentenced prisoners under 65 years of age are expected to work unless medically unfit to do so.

Prisoners, including those with disabilities and special security needs, are generally provided with the opportunity to work although some exceptions exist based on a prison’s profile.

Remand prisoners are also given the opportunity to work, but are not required to do so. Prisoners are paid at a rate set by the Corrections Commissioner.