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Man uses drone to record video of neighbors’ bathrooms and bedrooms

By Mason White 4:12 PM December 6, 2016
Captured drone 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A man managed to chase a drone and capture it after it recorded him using the shower of his home, according to police in Utah.

Orem police said that they know who the suspect is, and urged him to surrender to police to make it easier for everyone.

“If you answer yes to ALL of the following questions please call, 801-229-7070:

1-Are you missing a quadcopter?
2-Did you lose it this morning, in Orem?
3-Are you looking over your shoulder to see if the police are following you?
4-Have you been convicted of Voyeurism in the past?
5-Does the SD card in your quadcopter camera have videos of people in their private bedrooms and/or bathrooms?
6-On the same SD card is there a picture of you flying your quadcopter?
7-Would you like to turn yourself in before we have to come knocking at your door, maybe on Christmas morning, with a warrant?
This was all made possible by a very alert citizen who saw the drone through his bathroom window this morning and was able to follow it until it touched down and he called us. We know who you are but let’s make this easier on everyone!” Police wrote on Facebook.

According to police, the drone was captured after a man got up early in the morning to prepare for work. He was in his bathroom taking a shower when he heard a buzz.

He immediately recognized the noise as a flying drone. The man got into his truck and followed the drone in an attempt to find the owner.

The drone landed in a church parking lot, but no one was there.

The man took possession of the drone and called the police.

When detectives examined what the drone had recorded, they found several videos of people in toilets and bedrooms. The videos also showed images of the suspected drone owner flying the device.

The suspect had been convicted of voyeurism in the past for looking over walls in tanning salons.