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48-year-old dancer falls and dies on stage to clapping audience members who were thinking it was part of act

By Mason White 1:07 PM December 7, 2016
R. Khusainov on stage 

By: Chan Yuan
People in Russia, were shocked when a dancer collapsed in front of them during a performance.

One minute ,he was dancing and the next he was dead.

A member in the audience took video with a smartphone and uploaded the shocking footage to the Internet.

The video shows the moment the dancer collapsed and died on stage as the performance went on, and the audience members clapped as they believed it was all part of the show.

48-year-old R. Khusainov was performing at a concert in the town of Urus-Martan. He was energetically doing a traditional lezginka dance when he suddenly became wobbly.

He fell to the ground and died instantly.

The singer continued her act as she did not realize that the dancer was in trouble. In the video, the singer is heard saying jokingly: “Hey, he stopped it,” before encouraging the audience to give Khusainov a round of applause.

Other staff members soon realized that something was wrong and paramedics were called. However, Khusainov was already deceased.

Khusainov, who worked as a children’s dance teacher, had a history of heart disease and he died from cardiac arrest.