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Tommee Tippee gives autistic British teenager a lifetime supply of sippy cups made especially for him

By Mason White 1:43 PM December 7, 2016
Ben Carter and the sippy cup 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A father of the United Kingdom, made a desperate plea to people to help him get a specific sippy cup that his son loves.

Marc Carter said that when his son Ben was two years old, he gave him a blue sippy cup with handles.

The boy, who has autism, got very attached to the cup and he refused to drink water with any other cup. The family bought many sippy cups over the years for their son, who is now 14 years old.

However, the family was left helpless when the company discontinued the cups and their son refused to drink water from any other cup.

Ben became dehydrated on several occasions and he was taken to the emergency room twice. Marc took his autistic son to a therapist, but he couldn’t be convinced to change his ways.

The desperate father took to social media to search for a solution. He used the hashtag #CupForBen, to get people’s help.

People, who had the exact same sippy cup, sent them to the family even though they were used.

One day, the family was contacted by Tommee Tippee UK, and they offered a solution.

They offered to have the cups made specifically for Ben. They found the exact same blue color plastic and took them to China, where they tracked down the exact mold used to make Ben’s original cup.

The Chinese factory agreed to make 500 cups that match the exact specifications of the cup that Ben loved.

When the cups arrived, Marc was overjoyed and he wrote on Twitter: “Tomme Tippe UK sent me the first delivery today. Ben now has enough cups to spell out his name in cups!”

The company sent the family a total of 500 cups, which should last him a lifetime.