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Baby pig born with face of a monkey

By Mason White 12:51 PM December 9, 2016
Pig born with monkey face 

By: Mahesh Sarin
People are flocking to a home in China, after the homeowner posted photos on the Internet, showing a baby pig sporting the face of a monkey.

One picture shows the baby pig’s face looking like a monkey while another photo shows the owner feeding the animal with a baby bottle.

Many people are coming to the home in Zhijin, to see the pig up close. Environmental experts believe that pollution played a role in the pig’s deformed face.

A vet confirmed that the pig’s monkey face is not the result of attempting to breed a monkey and a pig. The mutant pig was born on Saturday, along with 14 other pigs.

The deformed pig is unable to feed on its own like its 14 siblings, and the owner is forced to bottle feed it milk. The pig’s owner, who farms vegetables, plans to keep it.