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Two male firefighters punch female firefighter to prevent her from fighting fire in burning home

By Mason White 12:34 PM December 9, 2016
Firefighters at the scene of a fire (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Two male firefighters assaulted a female firefighter at the scene of a blaze after a fight broke out over who had the right to fight the fire, according to police in Maryland.

The Prince George’s County Office of the State‚Äôs Attorney said that they have arrested Jeffry Miller and Chris Kelly, after being accused of knocking a female firefighter off a porch.

The two firefighters were charged with assault and interfering with a firefighter. Miller and Kelly were placed in administrative roles until the end of their criminal case.

According to the criminal complaint, the fight took place when two different fire units arrived at the scene of a fire in Hyattsville.

Career Company 30 arrived at the fire first. As members of the Career Company 30 were putting on their firefighting gear, Volunteer Company 28 arrived.

Chris Kelly, a member of the Volunteer Company 28, allegedly tried to prevent members of the Career Company 30 from being the first to enter the building by blocking the door.

When a female firefighter from the Career Company 30 approached Kelly and tried to enter the building, she was assaulted and pushed off the porch.

When the female firefighter got up and tried to enter the building again, Miller grabbed her and pulled her off the porch.

The members of the two units were separated, and the police were called.