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KFC announces giveaway of limited edition KFC Scented Candles

By Mason White 5:33 PM December 11, 2016
Limited edition KFC Scented Candle 

By: Feng Qian
KFC announced that the company will be giving away free KFC Scented Candles to those who are able to suggest new ideas for merchandise.

“What better way to light up your nights than with a limited edition KFC Scented Candle! Keen? To go in the draw to win one of these candles, just suggest another piece of KFC merchandise you’d like to see from us. Winners will be drawn later,” a spokesperson for KFC wrote on Facebook.

After Shiz Irani of New Zealand, suggested KFC stamps because the Colonel always delivers, the company awarded him a free limited edition KFC Scented Candle.

Other KFC enthusiasts suggested KFC Cookie Jars or KFC kitchen sets, including towels and curtains. Other people suggested KFC bubble gum and jelly as well as an insulated chicken bucket carrier.

On Twitter, the company wrote: “Light up your nights with a limited edition KFC scented candle! Just 1 of these up for grabs! RT to go in the draw!”

KFC marketing director Clark Wilson said that the scented candles are so popular that people are willing to purchase them for $100 each.

KFC is also giving away branded socks.

“Everyone loves socks for Christmas – and what could be better than KFC socks! To go in the draw to #WIN, just tag four mates you think should be rocking these bad boys! If you win, we’ll hook all five of you up with a pair,” KFC wrote on Instagram.