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Man horrified to find dead mouse inside Tim Hortons coffee cup after taking sip

By Mason White 5:34 PM December 11, 2016
Jim Elliott finds muse in Tim Hortons coffee cup 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A man in Canada, was horrified to find a dead mouse inside his hot coffee after taking a sip and feeling something on his lips.

Jim Elliott of Nova Scotia, said that after he felt something on his lips, he used a fork to pull the items out from his Tim Hortons coffee cup.

That is when he realized the object was a dead mouse.

Elliott is demanding an apology from the restaurant after he was forced to delete his Facebook account due to numerous threats from people claiming that he made up the story to win a large payout from the company.

Elliott said that he kept the coffee and the dead mouse. He placed the items in a plastic bag, and put them in a refrigerator in his basement.

Elliott contacted the Agriculture Department, and agents went to inspect the Tim Hortons branch that sold the coffee and the mouse.

Agents found the presence of pests and ordered the store to sanitize all areas affected by evidence of pests.

After a follow up inspection, the Agriculture Department said that the Tim Hortons branch is back in compliance with regulations.

Elliott revealed that two weeks ago, he bought two cups of coffee at the Tim Hortons branch near his home. He placed one of the unopened cups in his refrigerator so he could drink it later.

He reheated the coffee cup in his microwave the next afternoon, and when he opened the plastic flap for a sip, he felt something touch his lips.

He thought a tea bag had been mistakenly added to his order.

He took a fork, and fished out a dead mouse.