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Man smashes neighbor’s house and sets it on fire because his girlfriend did not visit him

By Mason White 6:23 PM December 12, 2016
Michael Lee 

By: Feng Qian
A man who was angry because his girlfriend did not visit him, decided to trash his neighbor’s house, according to police in Florida.

Palm Beach police said that they have arrested 31-year-old Michael Lee, after being accused of drinking alcoholic beverages, taking drugs and setting his neighbor’s home on fire.

Lee has been charged with residential unoccupied burglary and arson. He was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail, and his bail has been set at $16,000.

According to the criminal complaint, Lee vandalized the house because his son’s mother did not stop by to see him. Before heading out of his home, Lee took two Xanax pills and drank 18 beers.

He then went for a walk. Lee then took his anger out on the empty house next door to his home by breaking the windows with his right hand.

He then set several fires in the house that was put up for sale by the owner. Lee told police that he acted alone as he has no friends.

Lee also flooded the house by covering the drains in the kitchen and bathroom and leaving the water running.