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Thief accidentally pocket dials 911 while discussing plans to rob restaurant where police chief was eating

By Mason White 9:57 AM December 14, 2016
David Grigsby (left) and Robert Bourne 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) Two men were arrested after a dispatcher heard them discussing details about a robbery they were about to commit.

Police in Danville, Kentucky, were called to a restaurant after one of the men accidentally dialed 911, while he and his friend were discussing their plans to rob the place.

Police Chief Tony Gray was enjoying dinner at Brothers’ BBQ, and he was talking to the owner Mike Southerland when he got a phone call about the robbery.

The police chief then walked to the back door of the restaurant, where he met with another police officer. Together, they walked out to the parking lot.

There, they arrested two men, who were sitting in a parked car. Police identified the suspects as Robert Bourne and David Grigsby.

The two men, who were drunk at the time, have so far been charged with public intoxication. Grigsby was also charged with possession of an open alcohol container in a vehicle and disorderly conduct.

Detectives will turn over the recording of the 911 call to the prosecutor’s office to see if other charges will be filed.

Bourne and Grigsby, who were longtime customers, were also banned from returning to the restaurant.

After being released from prison, the two men returned to the restaurant to apologize, but Southerland asked them to leave and informed them that they were no longer welcomed at his restaurant.