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Best Buy employees buy Wii for boy who came every day to play on store’s free display model

By Mason White 5:06 PM December 13, 2016
The boy getting a free Wii 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Best Buy employees made a boy’s dream come true when they surprised him with a free Wii.

Like all kids, the boy of New York, loves playing on the Wii, but his family was unable to afford one.

The clever boy decided to play the Wii for free at the Best Buy in Long Island.

The boy went to the Best Buy store every day to play on the store’s demonstration model.

Store employees decided to chip in and get the boy his own Wii video game console, along with a 2 year warranty, as an early Christmas gift.

The workers bought the Wii, including a Mario Kart game, which is worth $300. The manager walked up to the boy to hand him his gift.

“On behalf of all of us here at Best Buy, we got you a Wii so you don’t have to come here every day to play,” the employee told the boy.

The boy looked on in disbelief. That is when the employee showed him the receipt and told him that he can just walk out of the store as they already paid for the gift.

Store manager Rahiem Storr, who recorded the video, uploaded it to YouTube, where it went viral.