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Plastic surgeon is arrested while getting his penis enlarged after his patient died

By Mason White 4:53 PM December 13, 2016
Carlos Gustavo Arzuza 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Police in Argentina, went to arrest a doctor after his female patient died due to his malpractice.

When they entered the clinic, officers were shocked to find the doctor undergoing penis enlargement surgery with the help of his assistant.

However, authorities in Mendoza, said that the operation also went wrong as he lost a lot of blood.

The 48-year-old plastic surgeon, who was identified as Carlos Gustavo Arzuza, was taken to a hospital before he and his assistant Laura Dutta, 39, were arrested for malpractice.

Arzuza is accused of operating an unlicensed clinic, where he performed liposuction and bottom implants on 49-year-old Beatriz Gattari.

Things went very wrong for Gattari, and she died two days after the surgery from organ failure.

Arzuza has a history of complaints for malpractice. Three years ago, Arzuza was investigated following the death of businessman Roberto del Barco, 45, who underwent liposuction surgery in his clinic.

Now, Arzuza and Dutta were charged with simple homicide.