Woman with Down syndrome runs her own successful cookie business after bakers refused to hire her

Collette Devitto 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A woman with Down syndrome became a successful business owner after being rejected for jobs as a baker.

26-year-old Collette Devitto of Boston, Massachusetts, loves to be in the kitchen and whip up good treats.

Devitto decided that working in a bakery would be the perfect job for herself. However, due to her disability, her applications were rejected by business owners.

Devitto did not give up. She started her own baking business, selling cookies. At first, she began by selling her baked goods in one grocery store.

However, when people heard about her story, she received a lot of support and orders from around the country.

She then set up a website named colletteys.com, where she takes orders for her chocolate chip cinnamon cookies at $18 per dozen.