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Coles supermarket ordered to pay woman $90,000 for slipping on grape

By Mason White 6:45 PM December 15, 2016
Sangeeta Guru 

By: Chan Yuan
A supermarket will have to pay a woman thousands of dollars because she slipped on a grape in the fruits and vegetables aisle, according to court documents in Australia.

40-year-old Sangeeta Guru of Sydney, said that she slipped and fell while shopping at the Coles supermarket in the city.

She told a NSW District Court judge that Coles was negligent by not picking up the fallen grapes that were on the floor of the produce aisle.

Guru slipped on the grape while shopping, and as a result, she injured her knees and back. When she looked at the ground, she saw squashed pieces of grape.

An employee of the store apologized to Guru, saying that she had been on a break and did not have the time to clean the floor.

Guru told the court that since the slip and fall, she became an unhappy person and is suffering sleepless nights. Guru asked a judge to award her $1 million for economic loss and out-of-pocket expenses, but she was only given $90,000.