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77-year-old man slaps woman across the face during road rage incident because she was a bad driver

By Mason White 4:19 PM December 15, 2016
Leonard Coon 

By: Chan Yuan
An elderly man in Florida, was arrested for slapping another driver across the face.

77-year-old Leonard Coon of Summerfield, was arrested on Monday, for hitting the woman in the face in a road rage incident.

Coon was charged with battery, and he was booked into the Marion County jail.

The 52-year-old woman told Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy Vincent Redding, that she was driving north on US 301 when Coon, who was behind her car, was driving very aggressive and he was trying to pass her.

The woman stopped at a gas station at Southeast 119th Place and Coon followed her. The woman drove to a nearby driveway and waited a bit before returning to the gas station.

The woman said that when she got out of her vehicle at the gas station, Coon was still there and yelled profanities at her.

He then got out of his vehicle and pushed her. As the woman tried to write down his license plate number, Coon got back into his car and backed up, touching her with his car.

The irritated man then got out of his car again and slapped her across the face. The woman called 911 and handed police the man’s license plate number.

The officer went to the man’s home and spoke to Coon. He told police that he hit her because “he was mad at her because of her driving.”

Coon was released from jail after posting $500 bond.