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Woman cuts boyfriend with knife for not buying her beauty treatment package she wanted as birthday gift

By Mason White 1:05 PM December 15, 2016
Crystal Garlin 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman became angry when her boyfriend refused to buy her a beauty package that she wanted as a birthday gift.

Crystal Garlin of Florida, wanted to be pampered on her birthday, so she asked her boyfriend to buy her a beauty treatment package by having her hair and nails done for her 32nd birthday.

However, the boyfriend, who has not been named, refused to buy it for her.

The two got into a heated argument and Garlin grabbed a knife. When the boyfriend attempted to take the knife away from her, he was cut with it.

The man called the Fort Myers Police Department at 9:00 p.m., saying that he had been cut with a knife by his girlfriend during an argument.

Garlin was arrested and charged with battery causing great bodily harm. She was released after posting $10,000 bond.