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Groom is paralyzed in front of his fiancee during their joint bachelor bachelorette party

By Mason White 11:22 AM December 16, 2016
Brett Greenhill and Meg Alexander 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A couple from Atlanta, Georgia, who were very much in love, decided to celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette party together with their friends and family.

However, tragedy stuck when the groom became paralyzed in front of his soon-to-be wife and friends during their celebration.

Brett Greenhill, 39, and Meg Alexander, 29, already sent out invitations and were set to tie the knot in just ten weeks. Greenhill broke his back while jumping into the ocean in Naples, Florida.

Doctors believe that Greenhill hit a submerged sandbar, which caused him to shatter his vertebrae, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down.

When he was pulled out of the water, Greenhill was conscious, bus unable to move.

Alexander said that Greenhill looked at her and said “I’m so sorry Meg I love you so much, I’m so sorry.”

Greenhill was flown to a hospital, where doctors gave him a one percent chance of recovering.

“We’re holding on to that one percent chance because if anyone will do it, it’s Brett. He’s the hardest-working person you could ever imagine,” Alexander said.

Alexander said that she will stay at his side and she will still marry him one day.