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Family panics as they finds snake with its mouth sewn shut in their backyard

By Mason White 11:10 AM December 16, 2016
The baby python with mouth sewn shut 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A mother in Florida, called 911 after her young son found a snake in their backyard.

Lt. Scott Mullin of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Venom Unit, arrived to the home and found the baby ball python.

Mullin rescued the 14-inch long snake after responding to the call.

Although he is used to removing snakes from people‚Äôs properties, Mullin said that he was shocked to find that someone had sewn the snake’s mouth shut.

Mullin said that the stitches were placed into the nose down to the bottom of the jaw and then around the eyes, lips and eyelids.

Mullin added that he never witnessed a snake with its mouth sewn shut in his 20 years with the fire department.

After removing the stitches, Mullin realized that the snake had a fungal infection in its mouth. He took the snake to a reptile rescue group, where the animal is being treated with antibiotics.

Mullin said that the snake is probably less than a year old. He does not know how long the mouth has been closed. However, snakes can survive for long periods of time without eating anything.