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Christmas shopper calls police after seeing mug ‘Oh boll**** it is Christmas’ written on it

By Mason White 6:07 PM December 19, 2016
Oh boll**** it is Christmas mug 

By: Wayne Morin
The owners of a shop in the United Kingdom, said that they managed to sell out their entire stock of “Oh boll**** it is Christmas” mugs after a shopper filed a complaint about them with police.

“We had the police in the shop today, Ginger Whites, due to a complaint being made about our Boll**** Christmas mugs. Absolutely gob smacked as to why anyone would waste police time over this. Seriously, put your time to better use,” the owner of the store said.

The incident unfolded at the Ginger Whites shop in Cardiff. The shop is run by 48-year-old Clare Powell and her partner Jason.

Powell said that she cannot understand why the person had to call police. Powell is wondering why the shopper has to waste police resources instead of voicing their concern to the store owners.

Powell pointed out that the mugs were not visible to children.

Police left the store without taking any action.

The owners of the store welcomed the publicity that the police visit brought them as they managed to sell out the entire stock of Oh boll**** it is Christmas mugs.