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Mother turns her 15-year-old son in to police after finding stolen cellphone and credit card receipts in his room

By Mason White 3:57 PM December 19, 2016
Lakesha Robinson and her son Chris Salters 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A mother is being criticized for turning her teenage son and his friends in to police for breaking into a car, and stealing money and a cellphone.

However, the mother believes that she did what is best for her son’s future as she is determined to stop him from going down the path of crime.

37-year-old Lakesha Robinson of Fort Myers, Florida, said that it all began when she saw her 15-year-old son Chris Salters, playing with a cellphone.

She wondered how he got a new phone as she did not buy him a new one since his old one broke.

Robinson took the phone and called the owner. He said that his car had been broken into, and his phone and wallet were stolen.

The man also informed Robinson that his credit card was used at McDonald’s and Walmart.

The mother went into her son’s room and found receipts from a shopping trip to Walmart.

Salters said that he felt very bad when he saw his mother crying after finding evidence that he was involved in the crime.

Robinson called the victim to apologize for her son’s actions and she then called the police.

Salters was arrested and charged with four counts of burglary.
His accomplices, Alvero Jackson and Lovens Sylfroid, both 18, face eight charges each, including burglary, theft, larceny and fraud.

Although it was very hard for Robinson to see her son being locked up, she felt that it was the right thing to do.

“I don’t want him to live this life. I’m not losing my son to the system or to the streets. My son isn’t going to be a statistic,” Robinson said.