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One woman dies and others are hospitalized after tree fell on wedding guests as they lined up for a group photo

By Mason White 3:47 PM December 19, 2016
The bride and groom before the accident 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A bride and groom were left distraught after one of their wedding guests died and many others were injured while taking photos.

Rescue workers were called at 4:30 p.m. to the Whittier’s Penn Park in California, after a huge tree fell and landed on the wedding guests as they lined up for a group photo.

Firefighters used electric saws to cut the 100-foot tall tree into pieces to free those who were trapped underneath.

One woman, who was identified by witnesses as the mother of the bride, died. A four-year-old girl is in critical condition after suffering head trauma, according to Whittier police.

Five other wedding guests suffered injuries and were transported to a hospital for treatment.

The park is now closed as investigators try to figure out why the tree fell.