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Airline employees slaughter black goat before take off for good luck

By Mason White 4:12 PM December 20, 2016
Black goat (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
Airline employees of Pakistan, are being ridiculed after a photo emerged, showing them slaughtering a black goat as a sacrifice for good luck.

A spokesperson for Pakistan International Airlines, quickly pointed out that the employees slaughtered the animal on their own and such acts are not supported by the company.

The incident unfolded on Sunday night, before the airline’s ATR-42 airplane took off for the first time since the entire fleet was grounded following a crash the killed all passengers and crew.

The photos of the sacrifice ceremony went viral on the Internet.

The photos show Pakistan International Airlines personnel killing a black goat next to the ATR-42 airplane that was about to depart for a domestic flight.

Some people believe that killing a black goat as a sacrifice wards off evil. Following the sacrifice, the flight left safely for Multan, and later returned to Islamabad.