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Child is hit by car while playing game of ‘chicken’ to see who can run across road between moving cars

By Mason White 11:27 AM December 20, 2016
The scene of the accident 

By: Feng Qian
Two people were taken to a hospital after kids played a game called “chicken.”

Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were called to the scene at 19th Street and 129th East Avenue just after 5:00 p.m., for a car accident involving injuries.

Police found that a child has been hit by a vehicle. The child was rushed to a hospital after suffering a fractured leg.

Police learned that several children, who are around 10 years old, were “playing chicken.” The game involves kids running across the road while cars are passing by.

While some children made it across the road, one child was not so lucky.

Police said that a truck and a PT Cruiser, were traveling north
when the child suddenly ran onto the road.

The truck driver was able to quickly swerve to avoid hitting the child. However, he hit the PT Cruiser and the child’s leg.

The driver of the PT Cruiser was injured when his airbag deployed on impact. He was also taken to a hospital for treatment.