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Hairdresser cuts off her woman’s after her boyfriend ran away without paying for his haircut

By Mason White 6:02 PM December 20, 2016

By: Wayne Morin
A couple’s trip to a hairdresser turned violent after a man left without paying.

The incident occurred at the Rich and Famous hair salon in Zimbabwe.

When the man was done with his haircut, he got ready to leave without his wife. According to witnesses, he promised to come back and pay for the haircut, but he never returned.

Meanwhile, the victim, who was identified as Nothando, was getting a hair weave. When she was done, she also allegedly tried to leave without paying.

That is when the hairdressers ganged up on her and decided to teach the couple a lesson by cutting of the woman’s hair.

Witnesses took photos of the attack and uploaded the photos to the Internet. One photo shows Nothando being choked.

Other photos show hairdressers cutting off her hair while the coworkers laughed. Nothando tried to fight back, but she was overpowered by the employees.

Nothando was seen crying during the ordeal. She was finally freed and allowed to leave the store when all of her long hair was cut off.

She walked away with some short hair on the top of her head.